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Cross Belt Knee Support in Bangladesh

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Key Features: 

  • Material: Latex, Nylon, Spandex
  • Style: Knee support brace
  • Strap Quality: Adjustable (Non-slip)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Application: Soccer, Racing, Cycling, Fitness, Ski, Water Sports, Gym, Yoga, Basketball, Dancing, Tennis


  • The adjustable latex strap provides solid support for your knee joint.
  • Non-Slip Adjustable Strap for high adhesive stronger compression.
  • Compression customization option according to your needs.
  • The soft, breathable fabric spandex ensures ultimate comfort.
  • 3D weaving technology prevents leg muscle strain.
  • Extra adjustable wrap boosts your circulation in a targeted way.
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Improve your performance and protect your knees with the Cross Belt Knee Support, a versatile tool designed for a multitude of activities. Being prepared from a blend of Latex, Nylon, and Spandex, this knee support combines durability with flexibility to offer optimal assistance during sports and fitness pursuits.

The primary use of this knee support lies in its application across various activities, including soccer, racing, cycling, fitness workouts, skiing, water sports, gym sessions, yoga, basketball, dancing, and tennis. This knee support belt has a unisex design, applicable to both men and women in Bangladesh. This ensures that anyone can benefit from its supportive features.

At the core of this Cross Belt Knee Support is an adjustable latex strap that provides sturdy support for your knee joint. The non-slip feature of the adjustable strap ensures a high level of adhesion, offering a secure and comfortable fit during dynamic movements. It’s the best cross belt knee support in Bangladesh because of its customization option. This knee support allows you to adjust the compression according to your specific needs, providing appropriate support for your activity level.

Comfort is a priority, and the soft, breathable fabric made of Spandex ensures that you can wear this elastic knee support belt for extended periods without discomfort. The 3D weaving technology implemented into the fabric plays a significant role in preventing leg muscle strain, making it an ideal choice for those engaging in dedicated physical activities.

One of the standout benefits of the cross belt knee support is the extra adjustable wrap, strategically designed to boost circulation in a targeted way. This additional feature contributes to better blood flow, contributing to both performance and recovery.

Weighing only 90 grams, this knee support is extremely lightweight, allowing you to move freely while still benefiting from its supportive features. Whether you’re pushing your limits in sports or searching for additional knee support during your fitness routine, cross belt knee support is a reliable companion.


Can I use the Cross Belt Knee Support for multiple sports activities?

Yes, it’s designed for soccer, racing, cycling, fitness, skiing, water sports, gym, yoga, basketball, dancing, and tennis.

Is knee support suitable for both men and women?

It comes with a unisex design, which ensures the support needs of both.

How does the adjustable latex strap benefit my knee joint?

The strap provides solid support, and its non-slip feature ensures high adhesive and stronger compression.

Can I customize the compression level with this knee support?

Yes, the knee support offers compression customization, allowing you to adjust it according to your specific needs.

Does the knee support help prevent leg muscle strain during activities?

Yes, the innovative 3D weaving technology is designed to prevent leg muscle strain, ensuring comfort and protection.


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