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AOlikes Ankle Straps in Bangladesh

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Key Features:

  • Material: SBR, nylon, steel ring
  • Purposes: Fitness, Gym, Various Sports
  • Edge Design: Lycra suture
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Product Size: Free/ Adjustable
  • Product Length: 37.5 cm
  • Product Width: 8.8 cm


  • The ankle fits up to 5mm thick for ultimate comfort
  • Soft lycra wrapping enhances the comfort of wearing
  • A breathable mesh surface is effective for sweat-absorbing
  • Usable for any gender of any age
  • Sturdy materials for longevity
  • Noticeable edge design to reflect your choice
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AOlikes Ankle Straps are versatile solutions for enhancing your fitness routine and sports performance. These ankle straps for the gym are engineered with a combination of SBR, nylon, and steel ring materials to provide durability. They also provide functionality for a variety of purposes, including fitness, gym workouts, and various sports activities.

The key feature of these ankle straps workout lies in their adaptability. Their adjustable design allows for a free and customized fit, accommodating different ankle sizes effortlessly. Measuring 37.5 cm in length and 8.8 cm in width, these straps provide optimal coverage and support during your exercises.

Designed for ultimate comfort, these ankle straps feature a soft lycra wrapping that not only feels gentle against your skin but also adds a touch of luxury to your workout gear. The edges are carefully crafted with Lycra suture, creating a noticeable and stylish design that reflects your commitment to quality fitness accessories.

One notable benefit of AOlikes Ankle Straps in Bangladesh is their versatility in use. Whether you’re a male or female of any age, these ankle straps are suitable for all, offering a comfortable and secure fit for a diverse user base. The straps are manufactured to fit up to 5mm thick, ensuring a comfortable experience during your workouts.

The breathable mesh surface of these ankle straps serves a dual purpose. It not only adds to the overall comfort by allowing proper ventilation but also effectively absorbs sweat, keeping you dry and focused on your exercises. This feature makes them particularly ideal for intense gym sessions and various sports activities where sweat absorption is crucial for optimal performance.

Durability is a priority with AOlikes, and these ankle straps are no exception. Built with sturdy materials, they are built to fight the stress of frequent use, providing long-lasting support for your fitness journey. Additionally, the three-month warranty ensures your satisfaction and confidence in the product. The best AOlikes Ankle Straps in Bangladesh offer a blend of comfort, style, and durability, making them a valuable addition to your fitness accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AOlikes Ankle Straps be adjusted for a custom fit?

Yes, these ankle straps are adjustable, providing a free and customized fit for different ankle sizes.

Are AOlikes Ankle Straps suitable for all genders and ages?

These straps are designed for anyone, regardless of gender or age.

How long are AOlikes Ankle Straps, and what is their width in  Bangladesh?

The straps are 37.5 cm in length and 8.8 cm in width, offering optimal coverage and support.

What makes the edge design of AOlikes Ankle Straps noticeable?

The Lycra suture edge design reflects a stylish choice and commitment to quality.


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