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AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps in Bangladesh

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Key Features:

  • Model: A-7640
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: Free Size
  • Basic Length: 35 cm
  • Non-Slip Length: 35 cm
  • Design: Non-Slip Dot Matrix
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Purposed For: Bodybuilding Wrist Support


  • Figure 8 design for perfect locking in your grip on the bar
  • Comfortable high-end padding on all contact areas
  • Fits all wrist sizes to lift heavy weights
  • Suitable for any-sized user
  • Keep your wrist in a natural position during powerlifting
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Wrist straps help you to lift more weight than you can do using your hands. So, here are the Best AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps, specially designed to accelerate the training experience for athletes who are looking for peak performance. They are an essential tool for individuals engaged in serious bodybuilding and weightlifting pursuits.

The key features of the AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps promote its commitment to quality and functionality. Constructed from durable nylon, these wrist straps are engineered to tolerate the demands of tough workouts. The free size and a basic length of 35 cm, along with a non-slip dot matrix design, ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Besides, it ensures confidence for athletes to push their limits.

Designed for bodybuilding wrist support, these wrist straps promote a figure 8 design that perfects the grip on the bar. The non-slip dot matrix adds an extra layer of assurance for preventing slippage during intense lifting sessions. The high-end padding on all contact areas contributes to a comfortable experience for athletes so that they can focus on their form and strength without distraction.

One of the mentionable benefits of these wrist straps is their universal fit. They’re suitable for any sized user, making them an inclusive accessory for a diverse range of athletes. Moreover, these wrist straps are designed to keep your wrist in a natural position during powerlifting, promoting proper form and reducing the risk of strain or injury.

The thoughtful combination of a secure grip, comfortable padding, and universal fit makes the AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps a must-have for those serious about their weightlifting journey.

If you’re interested to know more about wrist straps for weightlifting prices, look in the above-mentioned section. Athletes from Bangladesh can rely on this suitable companion for their bodybuilding sessions. With a focus on quality materials, innovative design, and universal usability, these wrist straps ensure athletes can push boundaries and achieve their fitness goals with confidence. 


What is the design of AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps?

The wrist straps feature a figure 8 design, ensuring a perfect grip on the bar during weightlifting sessions.

Are these wrist straps suitable for all wrist sizes?

Yes, AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps are designed to fit all wrist sizes, providing support for any sized user.

What material are these wrist straps made of?

The wrist straps are manufactured from durable nylon for longevity during intense workouts.

How do these straps keep wrists in a natural position during powerlifting?

The design and padding of AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps work together to maintain a natural wrist position to reduce the risk of strain during powerlifting.

How many wrist straps come in a set?

Each set includes one pair of AOlikes 8 Shape Wrist Straps to support your both wrists.


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