Why Should I Use A Yoga Mat Instead of Practicing on the Floor?

The use of yoga mats is extremely popular worldwide since they offer the right amount of firmness and cushion to get the job done. Fitness enthusiasts of Bangladesh aren’t far behind in involving this excellent equipment on their fitness journey.

Working out on the floor can lead to discomfort, limited support, and potential injuries due to the lack of a protective barrier. A thick yoga mat role as a savior in this circumstance.

Whether you’re practicing fitness moves in the gym or your living room, a yoga mat ensures overall a safer and more enjoyable fitness experience.

Benefits of Using Yoga Mats Instead of Practicing on the Floor

It’s time to explore some top benefits of using yoga mats instead of practicing on the floor.

Cushioned Support

Yoga mats provide a layer of cushioning between your body and the hard floor, offering support to your joints and muscles. This extra padding absorbs impact during poses, reducing discomfort and preventing strain.

By using the right size of yoga mat, you can enjoy a more comfortable practice, enhancing your overall yoga experience and making it easier on your body.

Joint Protection

A silicone yoga mat acts as a protective barrier for your joints, especially the knees and elbows. The soft surface of the mat absorbs the pressure from your body weight, preventing excessive stress on your joints.

This cushioning effect promotes joint health and minimizes the risk of injuries, allowing you to engage in yoga poses with confidence and ease.

Improved Stability

Another importance of a yoga mat is it provides a stable surface that prevents slipping and sliding during your practice. The textured and non-slip surface of the non-slip yoga mat ensures a secure foundation for various poses, enhancing your stability and balance.

This stability is crucial for maintaining proper alignment, reducing the risk of accidents, and allowing you to focus on perfecting your yoga journey.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Yoga mats create a personal space for your practice, acting as a barrier between your body and the floor. This helps maintain hygiene by preventing direct contact with dust, dirt, or other potential contaminants on the ground.

Regular cleaning of your TPE or PVC yoga mat further ensures a clean and germ-free surface to promote a healthy environment for your yoga sessions.

Enhanced Grip

The textured surface of rubber yoga mats enhances your grip during poses, providing a secure foundation for your hands and feet. Their improved friction is especially beneficial in challenging poses that require stability.

With a reliable grip, you can confidently move through your practice without the fear of slipping, enabling a smoother and more effective yoga session.

Temperature Regulation

The best non-slip yoga mats offer insulation from the cold or hot surface of the floor, especially in the intense hot or cold weather of Bangladesh. They offer a comfortable temperature for your practice.

This is particularly beneficial when practicing on hard or outdoor surfaces. The non-slip mat acts as a barrier, helping regulate your body temperature and ensuring a more enjoyable and focused yoga experience.

Personal Space Definition

A customizable yoga mat creates a designated and personal space for your practice, both physically and mentally. This defined area helps you stay focused and centered during your session, preventing distractions.

If you practice on the floor, you can’t ever enjoy the taste of this defined space. It serves as a visual guide for proper alignment and posture, allowing you to immerse yourself in your practice without external disruptions.

Injury Prevention

Yoga mats play a crucial role in injury prevention by offering a stable and cushioned surface. The added support reduces the impact on joints and minimizes the risk of strains or sprains during dynamic movements.

Consistent use of an eco-friendly yoga mat encourages proper alignment and technique, promoting a safe and injury-free yoga practice for practitioners of all levels.

Popular Yoga Mat Types



There are unimaginable advantages to choosing the right yoga mat to make your yoga practice session more enjoyable. Let’s check them out what yoga mats are suitable for practicing yoga on the floor.

PVC Yoga Mats

PVC yoga mats are durable and affordable since they provide excellent grip and cushioning. Made from polyvinyl chloride, these stylish yoga mats are easy to clean and maintain.

They also offer a comfortable surface for various yoga practices and are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners in Bangladesh.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Natural rubber yoga mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable, manufactured from sustainable materials. They offer a firm grip, excellent resilience, and are free from harmful chemicals.

These natural yoga mats provide a supportive surface for yoga, ensuring stability and comfort while aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Thick Cushioned Yoga Mats

Thick cushioned yoga mats provide extra padding and support, making them ideal for individuals with joint sensitivities or those who prefer a softer surface.

The added thickness enhances comfort during poses and exercises, promoting a gentle and forgiving surface for a more enjoyable yoga practice.

Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton yoga mats offer a natural and breathable surface for yoga practice. These mats are soft to the touch and absorbent, providing a comfortable and non-slip foundation.

Cotton mats are suitable for various yoga styles, and their natural properties make them a popular choice for practitioners seeking organic and chemical-free options.

Microfiber Yoga Mats

Microfiber yoga mats combine a soft, absorbent surface with excellent grip. The microfiber material absorbs sweat, keeping the mat dry during practice. With a non-slip base, these mats offer stability in various poses.

These gym equipment are lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for practitioners who prioritize a hygienic and slip-resistant surface.

Final Thoughts

Using a yoga mat instead of practicing on the floor offers a range of benefits along with enhancing your overall fitness experience. From providing cushioned support and joint protection to improving stability and ensuring hygiene, the choice of a suitable yoga mat can significantly boost your practice.

With various types available in Bangladesh, such as PVC, natural rubber, thick cushioned, cotton, and microfiber, individuals can select the mat that best suits their preferences and requirements. Selecting the right mat ensures a safer and more enjoyable journey on their fitness path.


Why is using a yoga mat important for beginners?

Beginners benefit from the cushioned support and improved stability of a yoga mat, reducing discomfort and minimizing the risk of slips during training sessions.

Can I use a yoga mat for exercises other than yoga?

Yes, yoga mats are versatile and suitable for various exercises like pilates and stretching. They provide a comfortable and non-slip surface during these exercises. 

Are there specific yoga mats for outdoor practice?

Yes, there are mats designed for outdoor use, offering features like weather resistance and enhanced grip to provide a stable surface for yoga practice in different outdoor conditions.

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